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How Does
DNA Testing Work


Order your DNA test.
Click here and select the Genetic Test you wish to purchase.

Collect your sample.
It's easy. All you need is a simple swab of your cheek with the swabs that are included in your kit.

Register your test.
When you receive your test kit in the mail, register it here so you can receive your results online as well as access your Member Page.

Send in the sample.
Your kit includes a secure, postage-paid envelope that you can use to return your sample.

Retrieve your report.
Get your results here 2 weeks after we receive your sample. If you wish, you can also call to speak with a Licensed, Board-Certified Genetic Professional, free of charge.

Live healthy! 

Based on your genetic makeup, your test results include specific recommendations to help you live happier and healthier. Plus, you can always visit your Member Page for useful tips, tools, news, and support, 24 hours a day.