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Tracey Heckman

Tracy Heckman was overweight and it was beginning to affect her health. From day to day, she felt sluggish and just climbing a flight of stairs would leave her out of breath. Her mother died at the young age of 49 and not wanting to follow the same path, Tracy decided to take matters in her own hands and improve her heath. She was tired of feeling rundown, but after dieting on her own and losing only a few pounds, Tracy knew that she needed some help.

As a 43rd birthday gift to herself, Tracy purchased the Weight Management Genetic Test. She received the results in June 2010 and learned that she was a Fat Trimmer, meaning she was genetically more likely to lose weight by following a diet that reduced calories from fat. Tracy was relieved to learn that she could enjoy a diet made up of 65% (healthy) carbohydrates and still lose weight.

Tracy also learned that her body would respond best to high intensity exercise, so she joined a 24-hour gym specifically so she couldn't use the excuse of the gym being closed to skip a workout. Today, Tracy - who would get winded walking up a flight of stairs - works out six times a week.

Just six months after starting the diet and exercise plan outlined in her test results, Tracy lost a whopping 54 pounds. In fact, Tracy lost so much weight that she was forced to buy a completely new wardrobe - a "problem" she was happy to have.

Perhaps best of all, Tracy has been able to maintain her weight loss as her lifestyle change has become permanent and she feels better than ever. She encourages other people to take the test and get started on a healthier path. In fact, she doesn't know what feels better - having lost the weight or being able to inspire other people with her weight loss.

"I would recommend this test to anyone. I am no longer tired and overweight, but I look good and feel good as a person," she said. "You can do it too. It is not that hard. Once you take the test, it is all spelled out for you."


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