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Pulkit Sang

Pulkit, a 25 year old banking professional, had struggled with his weight since middle school. As an adult, he made numerous attempts to shed significant pounds, relying on "common knowledge" - cut out the sweets and exercise - but like millions of people in the same boat, was never able to lose more than a few at a time. "When you only lose 4-6 pounds after dieting and exercising for a month, it's easy to give up," he said. The ongoing struggle took a toll on his self-esteem and Pulkit had come to terms that he would be overweight for life.

When Pulkit learned about the Inherent Health Weight Management Genetic Test, the concept of dieting according to his genotype made sense. His test results indicated that Pulkit's optimal approach was a diet low on carbs and high metabolic exercise (a change from the strength training that he previously engaged in). Although Pulkit tried "low carb" diets in the past, the test results educated him on the difference between good carbs and bad carbs and suggested foods that were best suited to his personalized genetic makeup.

The results were almost too good to be true. After one week, Pulkit lost more weight (7 lbs) by dieting and exercising according to his gene type then he had in any of his previous "old school" approaches. Eight months after receiving his test results, Pulkit shed 52 pounds; reduced his body fat by nearly one-third and went from a size 38 waist to a size 32.

Today, Pulkit's overall health has improved and he feels stronger both mentally and physically. The genetic test gave me the information and confidence that I needed to dramatically alter my life. I never again have to wonder if the latest diet trend would work for me because my genes will never change," he said. "I have come to understand that losing weight should require work, but it should not be a constant struggle. I've adopted the information from the test into my lifestyle to ensure I will always retain a healthy weight."


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