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- Samples submitted with incomplete information cannot be processed.
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- Full Name
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Megan Reband

Megan, an orthopedic and geriatric nurse, was sick and tired of putting so much effort into diets that didn't work. Like so many Americans, Megan had been on several diets over the years, but usually gave up on them after not seeing the results she had hoped for. After hearing about the Weight Management Genetic Test from some friends and colleagues, she thought she would give it a try.

Megan received her test results in March 2011 and found out she was a Fat Trimmer, meaning she was genetically more likely to lose weight by following a diet that reduces the calories coming from fat. Interestingly, Megan had cut carbs before her wedding and was miserable so she was thrilled that she could eat bread again (in moderation, of course). To learn that she could lose weight AND eat bread was music to Megan's ears.

In addition to changing her dietary approach, Megan learned from her test results that she should incorporate high intensity workouts in order to see the best results. Megan signed up for a half marathon and loved the experience. In fact, she now plans to run a full marathon - that's 26.2 miles - in the near future.

Today, seven months after taking the test, Megan maintains her 15 pounds weight loss and feels better than ever. She has more energy than ever before now that she is not carrying around that extra weight. Her results have been so astounding that her aunt has taken noticed and ordered the test for herself.
As a nurse, Megan has seen first-hand the effects obesity can have on a person's health and is excited that there is now a simple and easy test that can help jump start people's weight loss and help people get back on track.


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