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Edwin Fackler

"The Inherent Health Weight Management program has given me a path to sustained health, where I'm getting good nutrition, increased energy and gaining muscle tone while I lose the weight," says Ed, who has lost 119 lbs. and is continuing his weight loss journey to lose another 98 lbs. to reach a goal weight of 175 lbs.

In September 2011, at a starting weight of 392 lbs., Ed contemplated how he could lose weight and keep it off without starting "another diet" that promised fast and lasting results. He had tried many of the popular weight loss programs; he drank the powdered shakes, sipped bowls of cabbage soup, reduced fat, cut carbs among other programs. While Ed had succeeded at losing some weight, he always gained the weight back plus much more.

With his body sore, bloated and tired Ed was angry at himself for allowing the vicious cycle of bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle to continue so long that his health was in real jeopardy. He had developed loud snoring with early stages of sleep apnea, high blood pressure, fluid retention in his legs, and he was unable to comfortably stand without joint pain or walk without becoming winded.

Determined to be successful in reaching his weight loss goal of 175 lbs (which meant losing a total of 217 lbs.), Ed researched his weight loss options. While he dreamed of a magic pill or operation that would solve his weight problems forever, he knew that it was his own self-destructive behaviors that needed to change. From his experience and long history with diets, Ed had learned that one diet doesn't work for every person and he didn't want to fall into the same rut of feeling hungry, deprived and then overeating.

The Inherent Health Weight Management test made a lot of sense to Ed because it tailored a nutrition and exercise program that matched a person's own genetic profile. The test results showed he was a Carb Reducer with a High Met exercise profile. Seeing immediate weight loss results when he started only casually following the Weight Management nutrition program recommended for him, Ed's confidence increased. He finally felt assured that he was on the right track to lose the weight and reach his health goals.

Two months later, Ed was surprised he had lost 27 lbs. He also noticed a significant increase in his energy level. Wanting to continue his progress and follow the program more closely, Ed began to incorporate High Met exercise by joining a gym and working out on the elliptical and stair machine. For the first time, he was able to maintain muscle tone while losing weight. Ed took up kick boxing and other activities he enjoyed. Eight months into the Weight Management program, Ed signed up and took part in a 5K charity walk/run event and ran the entire last kilometer. A few months prior, running would have been impossible for Ed as he would be out of breath just walking up a flight of stairs.

After consistently losing weight without feeling hungry for over several months, Ed feels much healthier and is enjoying increased energy. He sleeps much better, his snoring and sleep apnea has nearly disappeared and his knees and ankles don't hurt as much. The water retention in his legs is also improved.

You can follow Ed's progress as he continues on his weight loss journey to lose a total of 217 lbs. on Facebook and Youtube.

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