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Doug Darnell

With advanced degrees in physical education and an established career as a high school wrestling coach, Doug Darnell had considered himself fairly knowledgeable when it came to overall health and weight management. Although the former college athlete pushed his students to be at the top of their game through physical conditioning, Doug himself struggled to lose the weight he packed on after graduating college.

"My weight always yoyo-ed ever since I stopped wrestling in college," says Doug, who unsuccessfully stuck with a low-carb, high protein diet with minimal fruits and vegetables. He exercised, but his routine consisted of long, slow-paced workouts that did little to move the needle. "The past 10 years I saw my weight go up and up and I couldn't lose the weight no matter what I tried."

At his heaviest, Doug weighed 252 pounds and his weight began to take its toll on his health. "I was always tired. I had developed sleep apnea and had chronic back pain," remarked Doug. And with a family history of high cholesterol, Doug began to consider himself "a walking heart attack."

It wasn't until an emotional fishing trip with his son that a course for change was set in Doug's life. "My son and I were walking when I became very fatigued and needed to stop and take a break, and as I sat there trying to catch my breath I saw the tears well up in my son's eyes," said Doug. "For the first time I realized how much of an emotional effect my gaining weight had on my son."

Doug decided to take action and knew he needed to make some changes as the years of low-carb dieting had not helped. After reading a news article about the Inherent Health Weight Management genetic test, Doug decided to give it a try.

He took the test and learned that based on his genetics he would respond best to a low-fat diet and higher intensity workouts - the complete opposite of the diet he'd grown accustomed to. Doug immediately began to notice changes once he started the diet program recommended by his genetic report.

"I started losing weight day one," said Doug. "I had incredible results because my body really responded to the change in my eating habits and workout intensity." Doug changed his diet to meet the recommendations from his test including eating less meat and increasing his fruit and vegetable intake. When he did eat meats, they needed to be lean.

Doug knew he had to make the plan part of his new lifestyle in order to continue to see results and not only did he lose nearly 80 pounds and go from a size 42-inch waist to a size 35-inch, he saw other benefits as well.

"My cholesterol levels have gone down to normal, healthy levels and I have a lot more energy and no longer snore when sleeping," said Doug. But most importantly, the emotional toll his weight had taken on his family has been lifted and now his daughter can put her arms around her dad for a hug.


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