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- Samples submitted with incomplete information cannot be processed.
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Amy Katsis

For real estate agent and mother of two Amy Katsis, losing weight had been a life-long struggle. After having children, Amy found it increasingly difficult to lose weight and she grew frustrated at what became a familiar cycle of minimal weight loss and even bigger weight gain following periods of restrictive fad dieting.

"It's been a big struggle my whole life, even during college years. I was always trying to lose weight for something," says Amy. "At my heaviest I was about 175. When I was that weight I was tired all of the time, sluggish and I really didn't want to exert any more energy than I had to."

Like many dieters, Amy was losing hope that she would ever reach her ideal weight and thought she would be happy if she could just get below 150 pounds. A friend told her about the Inherent Health Weight Management Genetic Test and she decided to give it a shot. After sending in her sample to the Company's lab, Amy received her report back that placed her in the genetic category of Carb Reducer and High MET.

Amy says understanding her genetic tendencies for weight gain helped her lose the weight and keep it off. "I didn't feel like I was dieting or depriving myself," she adds.

Amy surpassed her weight loss goal and managed to lose 30 pounds in just over three months. Now that Amy has reached her goal weight, she maintains her weight with less intensive exercise and practices good eating habits for a Carb Reducer. Amy still incorporates carbs into her diet, but says the key to success has been eating healthier carbohydrates during the earlier part of the day when her metabolism is more active.

"It feels good because it's not a diet. The test taught me how to make this a lifestyle change."


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