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Ed-Small "The Inherent Health Weight Management program has given me a path to sustained health, where I'm getting good nutrition, increased energy and gaining muscle tone while I lose the weight," says Ed, who has lost 119 lbs. and is continuing his weight loss journey to lose another 98 lbs. to reach a goal weight of 175 lbs.

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Amy_Small "It's been a big struggle my whole life, even during college years. I was always trying to lose weight for something," says Amy. "At my heaviest I was about 175. When I was that weight I was tired all of the time, sluggish and I really didn't want to exert any more energy than I had to."

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"My weight always yoyo-ed ever since I stopped wrestling in college," says Doug, who unsuccessfully stuck with a low-carb, high protein diet with minimal fruits and vegetables. He exercised, but his routine consisted of long, slow-paced workouts that did little to move the needle. "The past 10 years I saw my weight go up and up and I couldn't lose the weight no matter what I tried."

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As a nurse, Megan has seen first-hand the effects obesity can have on a person's health and is excited that there is now a simple and easy test that can help jump start people's weight loss and help people get back on track.

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Pulkit, a 25 year old banking professional, had struggled with his weight since middle school. As an adult, he made numerous attempts to shed significant pounds, relying on "common knowledge" - cut out the sweets and exercise - but like millions of people in the same boat, was never able to lose more than a few at a time. "When you only lose 4-6 pounds after dieting and exercising for a month, it's easy to give up," he said. The ongoing struggle took a toll on his self-esteem and Pulkit had come to terms that he would be overweight for life.

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Tracy Heckman was overweight and it was beginning to affect her health. From day to day, she felt sluggish and just climbing a flight of stairs would leave her out of breath. Her mother died at the young age of 49 and not wanting to follow the same path, Tracy decided to take matters in her own hands and improve her heath. She was tired of feeling rundown, but after dieting on her own and losing only a few pounds, Tracy knew that she needed some help.

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