Take the Guesswork
Out of Losing Weight

Don't waste a day on the wrong diet! The Weight Management Genetic Test may help you lose more weight by properly matching diet and exercise to your personal genotypes*. No guessing!

What's the right percentage of carbs, fat and protein for your diet? Should you exercise at high intensity, or can you get by with a moderate workout? Your test results may tell you the personalized answers you need to achieve your healthy weight loss goals.

Improve your weight loss

The Weight Management Genetic Test has been all over the news -The Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, CBS Morning News.

A simple swab is all it takes

Take the test in the comfort of your home - it's quick and easy, just a swab of your cheek. Then simply drop your swab in the mail to our 100% confidential CLIA-certified lab. You'll receive a personalized, easy to understand Test Report and Results Booklet recommending a diet and exercise plan that may work better with your genetic makeup to support your weight management goals**.

Finally - the answers you need to get results faster, stay confident and motivated, and take control of your weight. Order today!

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*These conclusions are based on a study, funded in part by Inherent Health, in which 240 overweight pre-menopausal women followed either a very-low carbohydrate diet, a low-carbohydrate diet, a low-fat high-carbohydrate diet, or a very high-carbohydrate diet for one year. Study participants were provided instructions by a registered dietician for 2 months concerning how to follow their assigned diets; some instructions included behavioral modification techniques. Participants' DNA were analyzed and the study concluded that after 12 months participants who possessed specific genetic markers lost, on average, more weight following one type of diet plan than another. Due to the emerging nature of this area of science, the understanding of the strength of the relationship between genes and diet is evolving.

**Study participants were provided diets similar, but not identical to the recommended Inherent Health diets.





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