Dear Inherent Health customer,

At this time, we are no longer selling or accepting additional test kits
for processing at our facility.

We have processed all samples that were received with complete information before our previously announced August 21st cutoff date.

Please Note:
- Online access of test reports is no longer available.
- Samples submitted with incomplete information cannot be processed.
- If you have a question about a sample that was submitted before the August 21st cutoff date, you can email but you must include all of the following information:

- Full Name
- Kit Barcode Number
- Phone number
- Reason for your inquiry
- Include your order number for a faster response

Health Professionals Network

Joining the Inherent Health Professional network enables you to integrate evidence-based genetic analysis into your practice. The Inherent Health test products and services allow you to complement standard risk information with genetic insights for a more complete profile of your patient's health.

Premium genetic testing services: Interleukin Genetics develops and markets genetic tests under the Inherent Health brand. The company has conducted and published research on the genetics of chronic diseases with some of the worlds leading researchers and academic institutions.  We offer genetic testing services that provide the highest quality of genetic analysis in our own CLIA-Certified laboratory and provide highly trained professional support to help you assess your patients' genetic results, decide on next steps, and integrate preventive genomic medicine into your practice.

Inherent Health offers a variety of genetic tests, including:

  • Weight Management: learn whether you are more likely to benefit from a low fat, low carbohydrate or balanced diet based on your genetics, as well as the appropriate level of exercise your body needs to burn fat.
  • Nutritional Needs: Identify variations in your genes crucial to your B-vitamin metabolism and the ability to manage oxidative stress.
  • Heart Health: identify your predisposition to heart attack based on inflammation and take steps to lower your risk.
  • Bone Health: identify whether you are more likely to be susceptible to spine fractures and low bone mineral density associated with osteoporosis.

Board Certified and Licensed Genetic Professionals Available: Access for both you and your patients to our team of board-certified Genetic Counselors, so you have a resource to help you interpret DNA test results and answer any questions you might have.

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