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How Our Tests Help
You Improve Your Health

Harnessing the information from the genetic tests offered by Inherent Health, an individual can improve their overall health and wellness by:

  • Developing personalized exercise regimens based on how their body burns energy.
  • Understanding the best diet based on their genetic predisposition to absorb and metabolize fat or carbohydrates,
  • Understanding the dietary supplements best suited to them,
  • Understand available medicines and/or preventative care measures that should be taken to reduce risk for specific diseases and conditions such as heart disease or bone health.

Inherent Health brand of genetic tests and lifestyle recommendations are developed through research collaborations with leading academic institutions and experts in the fields of genetics and health and wellness. Based in Massachusetts, Interleukin Genetics, Inc. is the established science company behind the Inherent Health brand and provides the on-site genetic analysis and research capabilities through its own government approved laboratory to conduct genetic testing in a private and secure setting.

In addition to conducting its own clinical studies, Interleukin Genetics conducts detailed, scientific reviews of published literature based on stringent criteria in order to identify genetic variations that are associated with a change in disease risk. With this approach, only those genetic variations that have several peer-reviewed published articles supporting a finding are included in the genetic test panels.  The company has been awarded over 20 US patents for work linking variations in genetics with risks of disease, and several new patents have been filed in recent years.

Our scientific advisers are from the finest institutions within the United States and abroad, including Harvard University, New York University, University of Sheffield in England, and Tufts University.  The company employs many leading full-time scientists and consultants dedicated to researching and developing new genetic tests that can enhance our customers' ability to improve their health and wellness.

In addition, we offer opportunities for our customers to interact with a licensed, board-certified genetic professional who is available to answer specific questions about an individual's genetics and their test results. As such, we are committed to providing the most reliable, scientifically-based useful genetic tests to our customers.