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Who We Are

Inherent Health is a health and wellness brand of genetic tests from Interleukin Genetics that empower consumers to help prevent some of the chronic diseases of aging through diet and lifestyle recommendations uniquely based on insights from a trusted source of genetic research.

Results from the Inherent Health line of genetic tests provide individuals with:

  • a clear understanding of their genetic profile as it relates to a particular health concern tested.
  • a summary of the role those genes have on their present health. 
  • various steps to improve their future health outcomes.

An individual's genetic makeup can play a significant role in determining how their body will respond to specific nutrition and health-related lifestyle choices.  While we cannot change our genetic makeup, we can learn how to modify its impact on our health. Understanding your genetic makeup to identify the lifestyle best-suited to your specific DNA is a field known as Personalized Health. 

How our tests can help improve your health.