Dear Inherent Health customer,

At this time, we are no longer selling or accepting additional test kits
for processing at our facility.

We have processed all samples that were received with complete information before our previously announced August 21st cutoff date.

Please Note:
- Online access of test reports is no longer available.
- Samples submitted with incomplete information cannot be processed.
- If you have a question about a sample that was submitted before the August 21st cutoff date, you can email but you must include all of the following information:

- Full Name
- Kit Barcode Number
- Phone number
- Reason for your inquiry
- Include your order number for a faster response
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About DNA

We are all unique individuals assigned a specific set of genes that go on to impact our overall health and appearance. While we cannot change the genes that were passed down to us at birth, we can learn whether we carry variances of these genes and how they might interact with environmental factors such as stress, nutrition, diet and exercise to mold our health outcomes. By taking the first step of understanding our genetic profile, we can then make informed choices to improve our health and wellness by modifying our environmental interaction.

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Our understanding of how genes are switched on and off by each other, environmental factors that influence this process, and how the genome as a whole interacts with the environment to impact our health and wellness, has grown immensely in the past few decades. Among the advancements is the ability to sample an individual's DNA and determine whether that person carries genes that show variations linked to factors such as increased risk for disease or one's ability to respond to certain diets or medications. The Inherent Health genetic tests look for the presence of such variations - otherwise known as "markers," that allow us to provide guidance to individuals on how best to decrease their risks and meet health and wellness goals.

Within each of our cells we carry a pre-existing set of instructions encoded as genes, that ultimately guide how the cells in our body work, interact with each other and adapt to environmental changes. Every cell in our body contains at least one copy of this genetic instruction and the more we understand that code and how genes interact with each other and our environment, the more we appreciate how subtle changes in our genetic make-up can have far-reaching ramifications for our health and wellness. The field of this is called genomics that provides the underlying scientific foundations for the Inherent Health genetic tests.

What really determines your risk factors.